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Why Brand Fitness Index (BFI)?

Did you know you can now diagnose the fitness  of your brand?

Fitness plays a major role in immunity to diseases and disorders, and the more fit we are, the better our immunity is. 

Having a Brand Plan is vital. A brand plan has the power to either make or break the future of a brand. The question is not whether there is a brand plan but how robust it is.

The Problem Statement that we worked on was : How can we help Pharma Business Leadership objectively evaluate the fitness of the brands in their portfolio and help guide them on the areas of intervention.

To help pharma business leaders, we developed  The Brand Fitness Index (BFI) Report -a digital diagnostic tool based on deep analysis of >250 pharma brand plans across therapy. 

BFI is an indicative score derived from 21 key parameters clustered into 7 factors. This report will give you 

1. The BFI score 
2. Fitness score of each of the 7 factors and with a reason for the score.

In a time when resources are scarce and accountability is high, the BFI report is a must have diagnostic tool especially when we are planning for the next year.

How the BFI helps-

  1. It helps in Diagnosis of the parameters impacting Brand Fitness

  2. It helps indicate the steps needed for intervention for increasing brand fitness.


To prepare the Brand Fitness Index (BFI) report we use the Current Brand Plan and some samples  of Campaigns and collaterals .

We generate the report which contains the BFI score and the factors in the plan impacting the score.

The report is then shared, and we take you through the client the report and our analysis over a 90 minute tele call. In the call we also give appropriate recommendations which can help improve the BFI and strengthen brand performance

What makes BFI unique?

Customized diagnostic tool


365 days of time and promotional money saved


Aids you in evaluating each brand plan


Optimises  Resource Allocation


Guides on Areas of Improvement


Helps Strengthen Brand Fitness & Performance


More than 60 brands across therapy areas have got their BFI analysed and insights into driving their brand performance.

Analyze the health of your brand today with Brand Fitness Index! Get in touch with us now

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