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Our clients trust us in keeping their information confidential and hence we share the outline of the projects we have worked on.


A leading Pharmaceutical company had a wide range of product offerings covering all major sub-categories of the main therapeutic category. However, the sales of the products were heavily skewed. Despite having a plethora of product offerings, the company was stagnating. The Company wanted a way to revamp its sales. As a result of our engagement, 33% of the products in the portfolio were pruned.


A leading brand of a speciality pharmaceutical company was stagnating. The national performance of the brand was being buoyed by high regional saliency and repeat purchase by patients. However, the prescriptions of the brand had started to de-grow in the core speciality. As a result of our engagement, sales increased by almost 4 times in 4 years.


A mega brand of top 10 pharmaceutical company was a distant number 3 in the category. The core variant was stagnating and the brand value proposition was losing it's relevance. As a result of our engagement, the brand not only rebounded with a growth of more than 20%, the main variant became the value and volume growth driver and also generated it's highest surplus ever.


A multinational pharmaceutical company, category leaders with a high productivity specialised field force were looking at ways to maximise productivity in the long term and distance itself from the nearest cheaper competitors. As a result of our engagement, 95% of the Key account Managers were confident that the business would improve after the process was implemented.


A speciality pharmaceutical company was planning to launch a new product in a highly competitive anti-hair fall category. The category was dominated by a standard and accepted treatment regimen offered by bigger pharmaceutical companies. As a result of our engagement, it emerged as the market leader within 18 months and was awarded the gold medal for New Launch Excellence by a prestigious industry association.


A mega brand of a top 10 pharmaceutical company, after a strong performance was seeing the signs of slow down in growth. The newer variants which were launched in the past to address niche segments were not bolstering the brand growth. As a result of out engagement, the brand rebounded with a growth of more than 17%.


A mega brand of a major pharmaceutical company was the category leader. Over the period since launch, newer line extensions and variants were added to address niche segments. The brand however had started seeing a slow down in growth. As a result of our engagement, the brand recorded a double-digit growth in a year.


A specialty small sized pharmaceutical company despite having pan India operations were having a high skewness of sales in a few zones. The therapy specialists were covered through 2 sales verticals. The company was looking at field force expansion to drive top line growth. As a result of our engagement, core specialties in key markets driving growth and reducing dependence on a few high salience zones. The travel cost reduced by more than 18% with the growth moving to 22%.

A specialty pharmaceutical company was operating on the traditional sales force metrics for periodic review. Unfortunately the performance on the metrics remained the same month after month. The entire performance review system seemed to be a non-productive exercise. The positive energy generated from our engagement played a critical component of the company’s growth journey for 5 years at a CAGR of > 16%.

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