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When you read a book, you read the letters, which form the words. We overlook the fact that we can only read the words because of the WhiteSpace of the page on which the words are printed. If we reduce the WhiteSpace and increase the words, then the page becomes illegible. We go through our lives in a perpetual state of busyness. Our parents, education, and society, with all good intentions, bring us up to take care of our responsibilities. We, however, carry that learning too far, and we start living our life only for others, either as a daughter/ son, a friend, a spouse, a parent, an employee, an employer, a caregiver, etc. There is no end to the roles we play. And we fill every moment of our precious lives only fulfilling our duties. Just like a page filled with too many words, our life loses its meaning. We neglect the most important person – that is us. We forget that unless we ourselves are happy we cannot make others happy. That happiness is very individual to all of us, but it gives our lives meaning and purpose. That is our WHITESPACE.

Our mission at WhiteSpace is to help every person enjoy their life journey and to find their own WhiteSpace. This will not only create joy and fulfillment for every individual but also in turn help them spread that joy to every person in their circle.

So how do you find your WhiteSpace?

Any transformation process starts with looking within. Self-assessment and self-reflection are vital in order to find your WhiteSpace. How you feel about self-image, your self-esteem and confidence really matter, as without these you cannot move forward. It is then all about building your self-competence. This is achieved through setting meaningful goals and setting action plans to achieve those goals. Anyone can do this, however, we all face the same 3 barriers that can derail us from achieving our goals:

        1. Goals are there but not owned and internalized

        2. Owned Goals are there but without a set of action plans leading to the goal

        3. Owned Goals are there along with the plan to achieve those goals, but there is a lack of consistent effort on those plans.

We at WhiteSpace aim to help you find your WhiteSpace, with our unique Will –Skill –Drill Philosophy


Let us briefly explain what we mean by ‘Will’: Will refers to YOUR goals. Goals that YOU want to achieve. And it refers to how badly YOU want it. Not because your employer wants it, not because your spouse wants it or anybody else wants it. It’s all about YOU. Yes, in setting your goals, we recommend a little selfishness. Your ‘Will’ is the fuel for the transformation journey.

Now let’s come to ‘Skill’: Skill refers to the resources you invest in your journey of transformation. There are 2 important resources that are required – time and money. Are you willing to invest both your time and money to acquire the best people who can help you learn the skills that are needed on your journey of transformation? Yes, you will be willing, provided your Will is strong enough.

Finally, after ‘Will’ & ‘Skill’ it is the ‘Drill’: Transformation is not created in an instant. It requires diligent practice and application of the skills learnt, day after day after day. It is this relentless application that moves you towards transformation. We can help you on this journey and ensure that we make this journey enjoyable for you. After all, as the saying goes, the journey is the destination.

Every journey however long or short begins with a single step. If you would like to like to embark on your transformation journey to find your WhiteSpace, then you should attend a ‘WhiteSpace Retreat’. We are delighted to announce that WhiteSpace is giving you the opportunity to ‘test the waters’ and attend a 6-hour workshop with like-minded people who want to bring transformation into their lives. Globally certified and experienced facilitators will help you start your journey by giving you a taste of the learning and sharing some useful tips that you can put in place immediately and help you decide if you would like to attend a full WhiteSpace program It is an ideal way for you to test the waters and get your feet wet without totally committing yourself. We can guarantee that you will have fun.

So what are you waiting for, please get in touch with Mona Adesara at (Mob- ‪+91 99203 05038‬) to know more about the schedule and venue for the upcoming WhiteSpace Retreat.

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